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2015 - 16 – 17 DSM Program – Led Tubelight Program

With the advent of Led Lighting, MERC proposed an initiative to convert existing traditional Lamp Sources into Led Tubelights.

XL Electricals was again chosen to be partner with OSRAM India Private Limited for Tata Power DSM Program initiative of Led Battens

The program was for Residential, Commerical and Industrial Customer base. The program covered Distribution Area of Tata Power, wherein an opting customer was eligible to purchase Led Batten Fixtures.

Products Offered in The Program

Osram Make Lux Line Batten HB 22W > 2200 LM – A Complete Fixture which can replace any existing Tubelight Fixture.

Osram Make Led Sustitube 19W > 1700 Lm – A T8 Led Tube which can be retrofitted

The Role involved contacting interested consumer and explaining the program. On confirmation supply the number of fixtures ordered by consumer. To Provide warranty as per DSM Program Terms to the consumer.

Around 3,300 Consumers registered for the program out of which 2,750 Consumers (> 80% ) purchased more than 17,000 Pcs under the scheme.

Energy Saved in the initiative – 15,000 MW Over Fixture Life